VKA Delmar at Route 61 Kartway

VKA Delmar at Route 61 Kartway

September 15 -17, 2022

By James Kammueller
Event Photos by Christy Miller
Show Photos by James Kammueller

We had beautiful weather for this event on Thursday and Friday with blue skies and temperatures in the upper 70’s. The weather became somewhat dicey on Saturday with intermittent light rainfall that caused some delay in completing the third heat event. There were 67 entries, and we also had a great turnout for the kart show that featured many beautiful karts, and two beautifully restored mini bikes.In all, 14 demonstration event classes were represented. We had some great food as well for lunch on Friday and Saturday with Jim Donovan grilling food provided by Jack and Sheree of Hi-Jack Racing. The menu included brats, hot dogs, burgers, baked beans, potato salad, chips and condiments.

Tom Brabant # 49 leads Steve Welte # 8 and Junior Class driver Chelsea Kraman # 13 in one of the combined Junior and Class 49 (4A) Modified heats.

Thursday was a practice day. Friday included morning practice, lunch, the driver’s meeting and the first two heat events beginning at 2 PM. Saturday featured the 8 AM kart show that ended around 9:30 AM as light rain began. This rain ended about 30 minutes later followed by a practice session featuring the braver drivers helping to dry off the track. The first two feature events were then run before more light rain delayed the remainder of the feature for about an hour. More light rain began within minutes after the feature was completed. Lunch was served and the awards were then presented around 1:30 PM inside the track office as light rain continued.

As always, a big thank you to promoter Scott Klingler, and the Nielson family, for their work in promoting and making this fine facility available to the VKA for what is always a fun event. Scott has been a big promoter of the 49 classes -especially stock Group B. At this event Scott divided Group B into light and heavy groups with the winners each receiving5 gallons of VP M 1 Methanol. Dean Didion won the heavy group and Rick Magnuson won in the light. As has been past practice, Scott also raffled off a Max Torque clutch to the Drivers in Class 12 -Sportsman Sidewinder. This year’s winner was Vico Prelogar.


Diane Magnuson giving some last minute coaching to Rick.
Action in the 49 Group 4B Stock, light and heavy combined Class. Drivers with numbers visible in the photo include # 77 Rick Magnuson, # 49 Tom Brabant, #8 Boone Rule, #58 Vern Bergman, # 23 Chris Taylor, #84 Scott Klingler, #58 Vern Bergman and #3 Dean Didion. Other drivers are Jim Ryder, Vinny Rotole and Don Renton.
Historic Class driver Tom Kelly.
Scott Klingler # 421 leads Vinny Rotole (red kart) and Marc Nagel in Dual Rear.
Lining up for a Dual Rear heat. Vinny Rotole (left front), # 421 Scott Klingler, #33 Marc Nagel and Mark Andermann.
Kirk Gustafson instructing Mathew Arp on how to avoid shoulder injuries at the Rock Island Grand Prix.
Junior Class driver Ben Nagel.
Lining up for the start of a combined Sportsman Rear and SASW heat. #6 Shawn Welte, #13 Michael Day, #8 Steve Welte, #33 Chris Taylor, #6 Mark Andermann, #7 Michael Gervais and #117 Nick Kammueller.
Dean Didion #3 leading Jim Ryder and Rick Magnuson #77 in Stock 49 action.
Vico Prelogar driving Dave Sagen's 150 cc Sudam powered direct drive Trick kart.
Vern Bergman #58 and Jesse James #0 leading in a Sportsman Sidewinder heat.
Rick Magnuson #77 leads Shawn Welte #6 and Boone Rule #4 in one of the Class 49 (4A) Modified heats.
Yamaha Masters #11 Dan Reinbold, #21 Kirk Gustafson, #4 Marty Weston and # 58 Vern Bergman.
Bill McCornack #5 leads Troy Cozad in Class 8B, 100 cc Sidewinder.
Vico Prelogar and Kurt Nichols.
People's Choice winner Andrew Glann.
Kart show Rear Past Champion winner Nick Kammueller.
Kart show Enduro Best in Class winner Jim Hansen.
Kart show Sidewinder Past Champion winner Bill McCornack.
Kart show Sidewinder Restored winner Vico Prelogar. Dave Sagen making the award.
Kart show Rear Restored winner Steve Fairfield. Vico Prelogar assisted Judges Bill McCornack and John Copeland by handing out awards certificates.
Kart show Sidewinder Modified winner Andrew Glann.
Kart show Mini Bike Best in Class winner Jim Hansen.
Kart show Rear Modified winner Steve Welte.