The Vintage Karting Association

The vintage karting Association (VKA) is a structured organization based on the articles of incorporation and concepts for general club operation. Every effort has been made to enable the functional club leadership and the ideals of the membership.

Mission Statement

The Vintage Karting Association (VKA) is established for the support of Vintage Go Karts originally manufactured from karting’s 1956 inception to those karts that are at least 30 years old.  The VKA provides members a forum for communications, event support, technical expertise, equipment sources, shop resources, karts & parts classifieds, information exchange, fellowship, and camaraderie.  VKA is not a sanctioning organization, rather the VKA establishes Guidelines for all vintage karter and event promoters in an effort to create consistency at events across the country.

Vision Statement

The VKA vision is to grow Vintage Kart participation, further the acquisition, preservation, and restoration of Vintage Go-Karts in a safety minded venue.  The VKA promotes the exhibition of these now historic machines, in both a Static Display format highlighting the restoration talents of our members, and Demonstration Events allowing members the opportunity to operate functional historical machines on a track recreating the look and excitement of actual competition events.  The VKA hopes to create new friendships among members and non-members, renew old memories of those lucky enough to have witnessed karting in its early days, to educate today’s kart enthusiasts by showing them how it all began, and to pass this heritage on, ensuring the machines and attendant skills will not be lost in the future.

Historical Overview

The Vintage Karting Association is a formal organization assembled for the people who enjoy the earliest of Go Karts.  Karting began in 1956 when Art Ingles made the first Go Kart in the configuration recognized as we know it today.  Karts have gone from those basic machines to the sophisticated racing machines of the present day.  The VKA recognizes vintage karts that are at least 30 years old.

The VKA was born out of a race and a vision.  In 1992 a fellow came to Carl Billington’s shop and noticed an old kart under the work bench.  He said he also had one and if Carl would like to buy it.  So, for $70 Carl got a dual engine 1960 Dart A-Bone which he hung on the wall.  After 2 or 3 years it became apparent to Carl that there should be a venue to demonstrate these old machines.  The first race was organized by Carl who put together the original Vintage Karting event at Sugar Hill in New Hampshire.  The program was attended by more than fourteen vintage karters sporting early sixties rear engine karts running a variety of McCullochs and West Bends.  This unique gathering also included racing under the lights on Saturday night.  The modern kart fans were glued to the fence to catch the action of karting’s time machines.

Carl’s vision was to form an association to grow vintage karting as a fun sport for all.  Carl then drafted Marc Parker to represent the West Coast.  Marc agreed to help Carl plant the seeds for a nationwide association.

Carl and Marc enlisted the support of vintage karters from both coasts and the central U. S. After many phone and computer chat room meetings, the association was finally established and officially formed as a non profit corporation in 2001.  The association is currently guided by an elected President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Board of Directors.

The VKA Board meets periodically by teleconference or on the internet.  The agenda consists of refining Guidelines for events, the membership process, event organization and sponsorship, and overall promotion of Vintage Karting.