Avon 13th Annual Vintage Kart Reunion

Avon 13th Annual Vintage Kart Reunion

By Scott Kneisel
Photos by Natalie Bogerman

Another view of the Kart Show

This year was our 13th annual vintage kart reunion and was another great event. We had 45 registered drivers, their pit crew (s) and many spectators. In the demonstration heats we had 54 entries in 11 individual classes.

Thursday July 28th was move in and practice day and like usual it rained pretty hard in the morning but as a group effort, when the sun came back out we had the track dried and populated with karts by 1:30 PM and a full afternoon of practice.

And they’re off!

Friday July 29th was a full day and the weather was great with practice all morning and heat number 1 in the afternoon and finished by 3:00PM. Following a short break we had a fantastic kart show put on by Kurt and Natalie Bogerman that featured 50 entries. The breakdown was 16 Historic Rear (pre-1964), 22 Rear (1965 and newer), 10 Sidewinders and 2 Minibikes. The show was judged by Paul Hunter, John Phippen and Kurt Bogerman.

Following the show awards we did the 50-50 raffle and as an additional bonus, we also raffled off 10ea $50 gift certificates kindly donated by Red Line Oil who helped sponsor the event and provided us with the gift certificates as well as a couple “trick” banners and medallion lanyards.

After all that we finished the day with a pizza feast compliments GVKC.

Even great karts look better on the Start/Finish Line.

Saturday we practiced in the morning, fantastic weather again and ran heats 2 and 3 after lunch. We only had one minor “mix-up” with no injuries and a very safe event. By 3:30PM we had a trophy call and people started packing up to leave. Another one in the books!!!

We would like to thank the VKA for re-imbursing us for the costs of the EMT as well as the entry fees for the junior racers.

Thanks to all who participated in the event as well as the track workers who did such a great job.

The Avon Team.

Go! Go! Go!
Some days it’s like herding cats
Flat out, through Turn One
Sportsman Rear lugging through the hairpin
Practice under a big beautiful sky
Mark D’Elia 1960 Simplex MK1, Historic Past Champion
David Santee’s 1966 Rupp Chaparral, Rear Modified, (Roger Santee accepting award)
Rich Gamrod, 1990 Phoenix, Sidewinder Unrestored
Russ Jennings, 1982 Emmick Star, Sidewinder Restored
Rodrigo DeFrancisco, 1987 DAP Greyhound, Sidewinder Past Champion
Sam Polito, 1965 Rupp GP, Rear Past Champion
It’s good news when the EMT is having a restful day!
Sportsman Rear (Mac): 1. Mark D’Elia 2. Bob Kurkowski 3. Kent Windham
Sometimes their big brothers come to watch
Steve Miller, 1961 McCulloch 200, Historic Modified
Lean and Mean
Ted Furtch. 1963 Rupp GP, Historic Restored
Pizza, Raffles, & Kart Show
Cheryl Furtch - Best Rear Engine Restored & People’s Choice. Nice Job!
Rear engine karts? Yeah, we’ve got ‘em.
Gearing up for practice
Dual Rear: 1. David Santee 2. Rich Gamrod
Yamaha Masters: 1. Noland Tripp
Yamaha Limited: 1. Rodrigo DeFrancisco 2. Russ Jennings 3. Gordy Beidler
Exiting the track, all smiles!
Yamaha Stock Appearing: 1. Brian Lonneville 2. Keith Lonneville
4-Cycle: 1. Rich Gamrod 2. George Lobur 3. Ron Roof
8.2 Sidewinder: 1. Skip Owen 2. Karl Ginter 3. Dave Dracha (absent from podium)
6.1 Rear: 1. Kent Windham 2. Doug Tenney 3. Brian Santee
Historic Podium: 1.Rusty Becker 2. Jonathan Fairoaks 3. Mike Pappaceno
Sportsman Rear (820): 1. Rodrigo DeFrancisco 2. Jonathan Fairoaks 3. Mike Drechnowicz
Sam Polito, 1967 Rupp Continental Special, Minibike Best In Class
Skip Owen, 1964 Rupp A-Bone, MC101, Rear Unrestored
Juniors: 1. Diego DeFrancisco 2. Sebastian DeFrancisco