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Kobra Enduro

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I have decided , I will never live long enough to get this kart on the track.
It is just not high enough up on the bucket list .
Here we have a Kroba Enduro kart.
I do not know what exact year it is .
The motor mounts have no scaring (bolt marks) on them .
There is fuel stains on one of the tanks so, I think it must have at least had a motor bolted to it at some time .
The tanks are clean .
It comes with 2 front and 1 rear wing .
I do not have the pictured steering wheel anymore.
The interior , the seat pad, head pad and jewel pad are not mint but are very nice .
It came with a few belly pan parts they are pictured .
What you see is what I have for the kart .
Plus I have some ,,, what I think are Bystrom axle clutch parts that will go with it .
Cash talks .
Make an offer
I am not that interested in shipping but, If need be I will crate it and drop it at a local place for shipping . The last one I used was Fastenal. You would need to make the arrangements with the shipper and pay me the cost of the crate materials I will get a pallet and build a crate from there .
(no crating labor charged) or I will help with a relay of up to 75 miles of Minneapolis
EXTRA Info gleaned from Steve O’Hara post
Based on the upholstery and the design and color of the swing mounts I think it is one of Terry Hannum’s Kobra chassis from the mid 70s. Terry was located in So Cal. and he provided me with a twin sprinter to run B-Reed in 1973 and I used it for a few races but I like my Margay Cheetah twin better so it went back to Terry. Mine had the same gold anodized swing mounts although the plates were a different shape with two center slots to mate up with the common Mac base plate. Same diamond shaped details on the seat cover as well. As I recall, he stopped building karts before the end of the 70s and the story was he ended up in the slammer.
Gleaned from Scott Elkes post
The wings (and straight vs. wishbone front axle) will help date the kart. Sanctioning bodies eventually banned the wing for a more thorough review and if favorable would consider a return. There is a posted scanned magazine article I placed with this group or FB VKCA or both. Memory is not serving me well, but 1973, maybe 1974 race season was when the ban took place?
The winged-kart is really remarkable to see and fabricated before mid 1970s?
Posted : 16/12/2022 4:35 pm
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I just want to find a good home for this .

I will GIVE IT TO SOMEONE that will intend to put it together .

You figure the shipping out

Posted : 06/09/2023 9:32 pm