13th Annual New Castle Super Nationals

13th Annual New Castle Super Nationals

By Jeff & Sherri Brown 
Photos By Rolf Hill, Don Roll, Tony Cassata & Deo Curts

Newcastle, IN-  If you drove past the Newcastle Motorsports Park (NCMP) June 17 -19 you would have seen a sea of multi-colored canopies filling the pits for the 13th Annual Vintage Thunder event.  Over 168 vintage karter entries were part of this historic turnout for the three-day event! 

Dual Yamaha is exploding in popularity, and New Castle is the perfect place for them. Here Jim Ryder #31 leads a couple of Yammi Duals to the flag.

The event was a huge success and included many activities for karters, pit crew, spectators, and guests.  Thursday evening provided everyone an opportunity to socialize at a “meet and greet” social hour we provided, along with the employees and staff of NCMP. 

Friday was a full day.  Sunny skies and robust breeze made for a perfect day.  Practice and demonstration Heats were spectacular and provided endless thrills for the drivers and spectators alike.  Due to the threat of rain on Saturday, the schedule was adjusted to include two Heats on Friday.  This necessitated moving the ever-popular Kart Show to Saturday morning, leaving time for a fabulous fried chicken dinner with all the fixin’s for over 200 hungry fans in the track restaurant. 

Honored guests, Don Freber from Margay, Terry Traeder from Quincy (TNT), and Bill Jackson from North Carolina all received Vintage Hall of Fame awards.  The chant of USA…USA could be heard, loud and clear.  Old Glory Flag was present at the highest peak. 

Romero Llamas brought out his beautiful Rathman and showed us that vintage karts are to be driven…

Peoples’ Choice of Rocky Buff … complete with tire temperature sensors! 

They say, “patience is a virtue.”  How true for those who stuck around.  The rain stopped and the track was dry by 11AM.  Heat 3 came off without a hitch.  The final results, in many cases, depended on the outcome of Heat 3 … which, of course, made for some exciting demonstrations. 

Romero then put an exclamation point on his implied statement when he slid it off the track. No problem! Dragged it back on and dusted it off!

One more positive of this event … most everyone, including those at the trophy presentation, were on-the-road by 3PM … great for those with 5+ hour trip home.  Thanks to all who came to “the greatest spectacle in vintage karting,” especially the Dismore crew.  Hope to see you all soon.  God bless you all.

New Castle Kart Show Results

The threat of rain necessitated an adjustment to the schedule on Friday.  Instead of one Heat, two Heats were run.  Despite the warm weather, the “snowball-effect” required the need to move the Kart Show to Saturday morning.  Even with the horrendous, canopy destroying storm Friday night, the show was held inside the spacious café. 

P.S.  Thanks to “Mrs. Rocky Buff” for taking the “Class Picture” out on the track.

New Castle Demonstration Heat Results

Robert Cain’s Lil Indian with a PowerBee 700 won best Mini Bike.
What can you say about Randy Gryczkowski’s ’78 Shiffert Enduro with Hartman Water Bombs except AMAZING! Randy deservedly won the endure class.
The karting “brain trust”, Mike Giessen, Lake Speed and Lynn Haddock pondering the shape of an exhaust system.
Matt Hays (driver), Ferico Rotella (builder of the Fedvader Invader reproduction chassis) and Brent Hays (Matt’s dad)
Rocky and Debbie Buff’s ’87 Corsa Swiss Hutless was the Peop;es’ Choice, and it powered Logan Adams to 2nd in 150cc Sidewinder on the track.
Nick Kammueller showed his Past Champion in Sidewinder. It is a 1977 Panther X with a MC-91b1 motor.
James Kammueller grabbed the Modified award in Sidewinder with his MC-91b1-powered 1975 Invader.
Gordon Juhasz’s ’67 Dart with dual WB-820s was the Past Champion in the Rear category.
Jack Murray’s MC-30-powered 1963 Percival was awarded best Restored entry in the Historic category.
Romero Llamas not only drove the wheels off of his MC-9-powered 1960 Rathman Exterminator, he won the Unrestored class in the Historic category.
Kirt Bennett’s (manufacturer of the Mac connecting rods) daughter, Kory in her Sportsman Sidewinder ready to go.
Jeff and Mark Brown’s C/Open barely turned a wheel at this years event. The usual C/Open gremlins kept it off the grid, and the Browns were just too busy running the event to work things out.
Dual rear was hotly contested with Jerry Nagel taking the top spot, Rusty Ferguson 2nd and Scott Nagel third
Yamaha Piston Port was well attended too. Mike Giessen #68 led it off with Steve Curts also #68, Howard Combee #11, Rodney Fish #00, Pete Vetter #23, Dale Dennis #4 and Ron Funkhouser #3.
If you can’t find someplace to pass at New Castle, you’re not trying. Here some 100cc Sidewinders head into the great expanse that is New Castle.
17 Yamaha Limiteds showed up at New Castle for some great racing. Fixed rules are stabilizing this class.
Dve Doogan #67 and Hal Orndorff duke it out in 150 Sidewinder. The action was hot and heavy throughout the pack.
The 150 Sidewinder demo races were some of the best of the event with extremely fast times and close finishes. Here’s the start for one of the heats.
Brian Hannon’s first trip to New Castle was a smashing success except for a little bout with the stomach flu. Regardless his dual K35-powered Hartman won the Dual Sidewinder Unlimited class and as you can see, he was running them plenty safe!
Lake Speed at speed. Lake showed all of the Dual Sidewinders how it was done (AGAIN!) by not only winning the class, but by being a full second faster than his next competitor. Very impressive!
The first heat in Dual Sidewinder saw Lake Speed taking off in the lead, Richard Swantek in second, and Brian Hannon’s “Unlimited” in third.
First lap traffic in Yamaha Masters was a challenge.
Yamaha Masters Over 60 start was impressive with 16 karts!
Over 60 Masters is growing. Here they get off to a clean start with Jerry Nagel and Steve Mox leading the pack.
Lining up Sportsman Sidewinders for the start.
Open practice can be interesting. Here a couple of Historics roll into the corner with a sidewinder.
New Castle boasted 170 entries this year. Here are most of the lucky karters that got to attend.
Don Freber from Margay was on hand to give a talk on the history of Margay. Margay made a big impact on karting through the years, and Don has a wealth of information about Margay’s development. Standing to his right was event promoter Jeff Brown who put on an incredible event.
Sportsman Sidewinder was well represented with 12 entries. ¬Here Hasen Fratz #85, Dean Didion #62, Mark Green #2, Vern Bergman #58, Guy Roberts #4, Brian Giessen #68 and Kevin Rice #7 line up for the start.
Here Kamran Jobe #7 and Ben Nagle #32 demonstrate how hot the action was in Juniors.
John Gillman’s dual West Bend Historic was runing good and quite a blast from the past.
100CC Sidewinder start with Dennis Crose on pole, Pete Vetter outside, Austin Alvarado #14, Kyle Sauder #41 and Danny Conway #741 just entering the photo.
No I.D. on this dual rear, but this SAE and the Don Roll photo were too good to leave out.
More heat in the 150 Sidewinder class – Craig Bennett #3 and Garrett Adams in Team Swantek’s single.
Scott Nagel had a good New Castle driving the Steve Jaimison-tuned Dual Sidewinder. He ended up in third behind Speed and Combee.
Jeff O’Hare drove this hard-charging Dual Yamaha (A) in a field of six entries.
We need to ask Jerry Nagel if he likes driving his Dual Rear SAE or his Dual Sidewinder better. I’m guessing the answer will be “BOTH”!
Mike Giessen’s second trophy of the weekend came in Dual Yamaha. Team Haddock had the twin running and handling to perfection.
Howard Combee’s 2nd – place finish behind Lake Speed was a cooperative effort with Richard Swantek driving the first heat before turning the reigns over to Howard. The incredible Swantek Brothers “Goldfinger” is an outstanding piece or workmanship.
Rick Gilmore is a regular at New Castle. This year he ran his single in 150cc Sidewinder.
Dean Didion’s Sportsman Sidewinder looks from the rear as not having enough parts to run. Class was popular with 10 entries.
Brian Hannon towed all the way from the Northwest with 3 karts, 2 vintage “Unlimiteds” and a dual Yamaha. Here teammate Doug Waterman wheels one of the twin K35-powered Hartmans
. He finished behind Brian in the final standings.
The number of truly outstanding restored karts competing in the demo heats was impressive, well Illustrated by this rear-engined entry in lime paint.
Howard Combee drove for the Swantek brothers from SoCal. Here he wheels the team’s SR-16 Margay in Yamaha Piston Port.
Drafting at New Castle “is” a thing – especially in Yamaha Limited. Here Dusty Merritt leads the train.
Perennial C/Open competitor Daniel Birge (left) had a great New Castle event. Mark Story another C/Open guy didn’t get his rig together in time, so gave Daniel a helping hand.
The demo heats were hotly contested at New Castle. None more so than 150cc Open as illustrated by this fierce battle between Haddock’s Mike Geissen and Dismore grandson Logan Adams in Rocky Buff’s “loaner”.
Young Cale Boarman drives his Yamaha-powered sidewinder like he’s auditioning for the Fast & Furious drifters.
Rusty Ferguson is seen here exercising Team Haddock’s ’66 Big J Lancer, Wide Rear GT by Rupp powered by a pair of Mac 101s. Five Dual Rears competed.
Photographer Don Roll caught this unicorn photo of someone (Combee) in front of Lake Speed in Dual Sidewinder. It was a just a mirage as Speed went on to dominate the class.
Junior start. These kids drive with enthusiasm and aggression.
New Castle is long and fast, but it didn’t intimidate this group of Juniors.
Historic Class start with Billy Dalton #15, Romero Llamas, Kevin Rice #6, and John Stultz #9 taking the flag.