2022 Vintage Kart Wall Calendar-

PRIOR TO TAKING ORDERS IN SEP. OR OCT., I’ve been busy trying to get support from the tracks VKA has used. NINE tracks have committed so far. They will each get a full page aerial picture. I’ve got a great idea for the THREE months that do not have sponsors. All TWELVE months will be fun for vintage AND modern karters to hang on their wall. Commitments from ADVERTISERS are next. They will be getting expanded exposure. I’m planning on printing 100 more than 2021 … over 300 total‼️ Printing and Delivery is scheduled for early December … just in time for Christmas ‼️ STAY TUNED.

9/3/21 UPDATE:  2022 Calendar layout for NINE tracks is compete.  The next step is to sign-up advertisers.  Then the effort to solicit sales will begin.  The plan is to keep the price the same … $15 each and blocks of 10 for $100.  Great, easy Christmas for kids, grandkids, friends, and relatives.