What if I Disagree with a VKA Guideline?

What if I Disagree with a VKA Guideline?

By VKA President John Copeland

You can’t please everybody, we all know that. But every VKA member’s opinion is important.  And, sometimes, members have legitimate questions or different perspectives on some issue or another. And, believe it or not, the VKA Board wants to hear that feedback. 

The VKA Board is made up of dedicated supporters of Vintage Karting who, at the cost of their own time and treasure, volunteer countless hours to make sure that we all have the opportunity to enjoy the karts, engines, and people we love.  The Board has a vast range of interests and experiences and they, collectively, know a lot about Vintage Karts and Vintage Karting; but they don’t know everything. The VKA has succeeded where other organizations have failed because these Board members listen to the membership. The incredible membership survey project that a group of Board members conducted earlier this year yielded a wealth of important information that will continue to influence the course of the VKA for years to come.

Among the toughest jobs on the Board is the Rules and Guidelines committee. Juggling the ever-changing Vintage karting landscape and the ups and downs of participation in various classes is a real challenge. And, for the most part, the committee gets it right; but not always. 

Here’s my point; the best way to bring your concerns to the attention of the VKA Board is to contact a Board member, either by email, snail mail, or phone. You can also email info@vkakarting.com. Your input is valuable and your opinions matter.  And it’s a good idea to put your VKA membership number in your email so we know it’s really you. (Do not post your VKA number on any social media, for safety’s sake)

Posting your complaints or negative feedback on social media like Facebook or Twitter only invites more negativity. And it also invites folks who are not VKA members to sow the seeds of division among our members. 

Complaining or making unfounded statements on social media will not make things better. In these days of hacking and “spoofing” identities, the VKA has no way of determining whether posts on social media are written by friend or foe, or someone just stirring things up. 

Every person who volunteers to serve on the VKA Board is committed to promoting the best, most fun, most satisfying Vintage Karting experience possible for all VKA members. If you have issues with a decision the Board has made, contact the Board directly. Or, better yet, volunteer to serve. The VKA is always looking for more volunteers to help make our organization better. 

If you’re reading this, I assume that you’re a member or a friend of VKA. If you have something to tell us, skip the social media BS and tell us directly. It’s the best way for you to help make the VKA better for all of us.