10th Annual VKA CAMDEN Vintage Event

10th Annual VKA CAMDEN Vintage Event

Camden, Ohio Aug. 26 -28, 2021

by Sherri and Jeff Brown

Another fabulous event.  Sure, it was hot, but look at the calendar … it was August!  Despite the heat and some lingering concerns about COVID … not to mention some personal issues and schedule conflicts with some larger teams … we had 78 entrants plus a couple practice-only. 

We had the pleasure of acknowledging several truly honorable, WKA Hall of Fame Members, and we were able to surprise one new inductee.  (Haul of Famers, Ron and Carma Withrow, Paul Martin, Neil Keller, Gary Gregg and Randy Kugler are pictured), but it was Gary Gregg, the owner of G & J Kartway and long-time supporter of karting who was totally taken off guard when his name was announced.   It was a pleasure to recognize his lifelong contribution to karting, WKA (founded at Camden), and Ohio Valley Karting Association (OVKA). 

We ran the scheduled 1st Heat on Friday, followed by the Kart Show and dinner.  Thanks to Romero Llamas, the Kart Show was a big success.   Check out the amazing karts that topped the list. 

Historic- Rathman Exterminator; Larry Stallard
Restored Historic; ’61 Big J Lancer; WB-820; Gordon Juhasz
Modified Historic; ’60 Simplex Challenger IV; Dual WB-820; John Gillman
Restored Rear Engine; ’67 Rupp Chaparral; MC-91; Chris Taylor
Modified Rear Engine; ’66 Rupp A-Bone; MC-91b; Jake Gillman
Past Champion Rear Engine; ’64 Fox Box Mount; 91b1- Rolf Hill 
Restored Sidewinder; “87 Margay Xpert; KT-100; Bill Arrandale
Past Champion Sidewinder; ’73 Bug; MC 91b1; Dan Bucher
Restored Sidewinder- ’78 Margay Pro X; Yamaha; Joe Cramer
PEOPLES’ CHOICE- ’78 Margay Pro X; Yamaha; Joe Cramer

Our President, Gary Wlodarsky and Track Cook/Clutch Guy, Jim Donovan served up a great meal of corn on the cob, burgers, bratts, complete with the sides and desert donated by Joann Hertzig.  I don’t think anyone went away hungry. 

Despite a “pop-up” deluge/mini hurricane after dinner, the track was fine for the two Heats on Saturday.  The results are below.  Our congratulations to all 78 entrants for some great demonstrations of what these old karts can do.  It was a safe event.  Everyone went home in the car/truck they came in. 

We can’t forget our hosts, the OVKA.  As always, they are the most accommodating and congenial group of track workers and flaggers, announcers, concession workers and registrations help.  Thank you.  And thanks to all who came.  God bless America.  See you next year.

Yamaha Piston Port Heat 1 start led off by Pete Vetter #23 and Ron Funkhauser #3
WKA Hall of Famers Ron & Carma Withrow (seated), Paul Martin, Neil Keller, Gary Gregg & Randy Kugler (standing left to right)
Looks like a fun ride – CKS sidewinder with TKM reed power
The essence of karting – a rear-engined SAE with a pair of Macs
No action shots, but Daniel Birges BM130-powered C/Open is worth looking at regardless of speed
Much credit to the events success goes to the Ohio Valley Karting Association
N.E. Regional Coordinator Skip Owen ran several classes with his beautifully prepared karts. This is his Sportsman Sidewinder entry.
Nice turn-key Margay Cheetah for sale. Lots of stuff for sale at most VKA events
Sportsman Sidewinder Heat 1 start with #85 Al Hasenfratz off the mark first, followed by Skip Owen #32 and Karl Ginter #3
150cc Sidewinder Heat 1 start with Craig Bennett on pole and Larry Pike #51 off pole
Restored Sidewinder & People’s Choice Winner, Joe Cramer cleaned up with his Yamaha-powered ’78 Margay Pro X
Sidewinder Past Champion Dan Bucher’s ’73 Bug with MC91b1 power is still looking good
Past Champion Rear Engine – Rolf Hill’s ’64 Fox Box Mount MC91b1
Jake Gillman’s ’66 Rupp A-Bone with MC91b power won the Modified Rear Engine class
Chris Taylor’s ’67 Rupp Chaparrel with MC91 power took Restored Rear Engine honors
Modified Historic was won by John Gillman ’60 Simplex Challenger IV, with dual WB820s
Restored Historic winner was Gordon Juhasz’s ’61 Big J Lancer with WB820 power
Historic winner was Larry Stallard’s Rathman Exterminator
Happy warriors Mark Story (getting ready to ride) and Daniel Birge soldier on in C/Open SW. Mark’s Emmick Elite was once owned and raced by West Coast George Ito. Now has K30 power
It was hot and sticky at Camden with everyone seeking refuge under any awning and tarp they could
A unique feature at Camden was the speed trap at the end of the straight. Here Pete Vetter clicks off a 56mph in Yamaha Piston Port. Craig Bennett tripped the clocks at 77mph in his C/Open sidewinder