RACE REPORT – July 13-15, 2023 Brodhead Historics

RACE REPORT – July 13-15, 2023 Brodhead Historics

BRODHEAD, Wis. (By Bill & Mary Jo McCornack) — This year’s event turned out to be much drier than 2022’s event. Not that we didn’t experience  some rain interference, but nothing compared to last year.  

What a weekend in Wisconsin! There were 109 entries, lots of McCullochs and a very good rear-engine class turnout. We were able to donate $500.00 from the 50/50 Raffle to the VKA thanks to the generosity of the weekend’s attendees. Since this was the first Vintage Event hosted by the new owners, Chris and Trevor Searles, we were really happy things ran so smoothly. 

Thursday was practice from 9:00 to 5:00 with the kind of weather we’d like at all VKA events. 

Friday started out great, too. After the driver’s meeting, about eight Blackhawk Karts made two parade laps around the track in memory of Marshall Fairman who died last October. Then Bill McCornack, with some assistance from Tim Fairman, handed out a couple of special awards.  The first was the Outstanding Vintage Karter Award which was presented posthumously to Brian Espeset, who passed away earlier this year. The award was accepted by Al Lindgren to be delivered to Brian’s widow, Leona.

Tim Fairman presented the Marshall Fairman Memorial Awards to his and Marshall’s mother, Shirley, who had been brought to the track by her daughter Adrianne, and to Marshall’s widow, Debbie.

The award for the Longest Distance Traveled went to Rusty Becker from Long Island, New York. The Oldest Driver award went home with 79- year-old Kirk Gustavson.

Some of us were watching our phones for forecasts later in the day which were calling for a  chance of rain around three o’clock, then four, then five…! We got all the two planned heat races in and a little more before the rains came.  

The only thing we had to skip on Friday was the kart show. No one wanted to take out their prized karts to display them in the rain. The beer, wine and cheese tasting went on as usual, followed by a fantastic grilled chicken dinner. The dinner included baked potatoes and corn on the cob. 

Since we had good weather on Saturday, the Kart Show went on at 9:00 a.m. with 65 entries.  Among the entries were several VERY nicely done restorations. Jesse James took home the People’s Choice Award for a 1963 Grand Prix with two West Bend 820 Engines. This year there  was also a special Blackhawk Kart show group award. The final heats were run after the kart  show.  

As usual, we had the champagne celebration class race – this year for the Yamaha Piston Port classes – light and heavy and they were awarded immediately following the race in the pits.  Champagne was sprayed all over by the winners. The light class was won by Vico Prelogar. The Heavy class was won by Dave Drewes. All trophies presented after the third heat round.

Results and Kart Show winners listed below (under photo gallery!)

Photos by Joanne Morrall —

2023 Brodhead Kart Show Winners



John Janecke, Wisconsin — Homemade, West Bend 820


Jim Kammueller, Illinois — 1962 Bug Fly, McCulloch MC10  



Bruce Fields, Illinois — Hornet Sprint, McCulloch MC49


Martin Reding, Oklahoma — Hornet Sprint, McCulloch 49



John LaRue, Illinois — 1974 Emmick Lightening, Yamaha KT100


Andrew Glann, Iowa — 1976 Invader Pro, McCulloch MC91A


Todd Kamis, Minnesota — 1978 Hager Hustler, McCulloch MC 91B1


Mark D’Elia, New York — 1970 Bird Wren, Tecumseh


Jesse James, Illinois — 1963 Rupp Grand Prix, Twin West Bend 820s


Dick Teal, Wisconsin — 1962 Fox Go Boy, West Bend 820


John Augustine, Iowa — 1962 McCulloch 300, McCulloch MC9


Dick Teal, Wisconsin — 1961 Fox Mac Kart, West Bend 820


Doug Mayr, Wisconsin — 1974 Concept, Twin Komet B-Bombs


Mike Kelly, Wisconsin — 1974  Margay Concept, McCulloch MC91B1

2023 Brodhead Class Winners

1. Miles Frost
2. Ben Nagel
3. Rylie Simler

80cc Mac Modified
1. Steve Welte
2. Chelsea Kraman
3. Steve Lovett

6.1 Rear
1. Tom Day
2. Dan Buchner
3. Terry Kelley

Dual Rear
1. Jerry Nagel
2. Marc Nagel
3. 100cc twin driver

150cc Sidewinder
1. Ron Funkhouser
2. Doug Mayer
3. Lorenzo DiBacco

Yamaha Piston Port (Heavy)
1. Dave Drewes
2. Scott Ader
3. Adam Critchett

Yamaha Limited
1. Steve Lovett
2. Shaun Myers
3. Scott Cline

West Bend Sidewinder
1. Tom Day
2. Randy Duncalf
3. Eddie Saur

Classic 100cc Reed & Rotary
1. Mike Day

Sportsman Rear
1. Romero Llamas
2. Mark D’Elia
3. Rusty Becker

80cc Mac Stock
1. Steve Welte
2. Tom Kelley
3. Vern Bergman

8.2 Rear
1. Shawn Moore
2. Jerry Nagel

100cc Sidewinder
1. Wyatt Stanley
2. Mike Brown
3. Brandon Dhuse

Sportsman Sidewinder
1. Vern Bergman
2. Jesse James
3. Shawn Moore

Yamaha Piston Port (Light)
1. Vico Preloger
2. Bob Kempf
3. Ron Funkhouser

Yamaha Masters
1. Marty Weston
2. David Fisher
3. Dale Fisher

Classic 100cc Piston Port
1. Steve Wager
2. Driver ?

Four Stroke Stock
1. Mike Morrall Jr.
2. Bill Griep
3. Garrett Hadley