Buyer Beware!

Buyer Beware!

Unfortunately, scam artists are everywhere these days, and Vintage Karting is not immune. People offering items for sale that they never ship, people taking money for one thing and shipping something of lesser value; scamming takes all sorts of forms. 

And, sadly, many victims are too embarrassed about being taken advantage of to speak out. Even if you haven’t personally been the victim of scamming, it hurts us all; it discourages people from becoming, or staying, involved with Vintage Karting, and that’s bad for all of us.

If you are considering making a significant purchase, be it a Vintage engine, or kart, or some other big expenditure, from someone you don’t know, take a few minutes and reach out to people you do know in the Vintage Karting community and ask if they know anything about the seller, their reputation, or if they know anyone who has done business with them in the past. A little time doing your homework may save you a lot of distress. 

And, if you have been victimized by someone, please don’t just silently suffer. Post on Facebook, or contact an attorney about sending the seller   a letter demanding that the seller correct the situation. You might also contact the Better Business Bureau to see what pressure they can bring to bear.

VKA members are, for the most part, honest enthusiasts who are anxious to help others get involved with our wonderful organization and sport. They’ll be happy to tell you anything they know about someone who might be unknown to you. We all want you to have a great time in Vintage Karting and we’re happy to help you.