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EDITOR                 PUBLICATION                                           YEARS

Rolf Hill                    VKA FirsTurn©                                                     2013 – 2018

Dick Teal                  Vintage Karting Magazine/Newsletter     2011 – 2012

Carl Weakley           Vintage Karting Magazine                                2010

Jeff Troy                   Vintage Kart Magazine                                      2009

Mark Havery/          Vintage Kart Magazine                                     2008
Dean Seavers

Tom Thorin              Monthly Newsletter                                      2005 – 2007


In 2013, Rolf Hill became the “full-time” Editor after helping Dick Teal during 2012.  During this time there was a name change … the Official VKA Magazine became known as the VKA FirsTurn©.   Also, rather than publishing both a January magazine AND an National Event Schedule, they were combined into one printing/mailing as a cost-saving measure.  Another cost-saving measure was the utilization of Bulk Mail postage rates, which also resulted in significant savings.