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EDITOR                 PUBLICATION                                           YEARS

Rolf Hill                    VKA FirsTurn©                                                     2020 – 2021

Cary Thomas           VKA FirsTurn©                                            2019 – 2020

Rolf Hill                    VKA FirsTurn©                                                     2013 – 2018

Dick Teal                  Vintage Karting Magazine/Newsletter     2011 – 2012

Carl Weakley           Vintage Karting Magazine                                2010

Jeff Troy                   Vintage Kart Magazine                                      2009

Mark Havery/          Vintage Kart Magazine                                     2008
Dean Seavers

Tom Thorin              Monthly Newsletter                                      2005 – 2007


In 2013, Rolf Hill became the “full-time” Editor after helping Dick Teal during 2012.  During this time there was a name change … the Official VKA Magazine became known as the VKA FirsTurn©.   Also, rather than publishing both a January magazine AND an National Event Schedule, they were combined into one printing/mailing as a cost-saving measure.  Another cost-saving measure was the utilization of Bulk Mail postage rates, which also resulted in significant savings.

Cary Thomas became the Editor in 2019, but due to personal commitments could not continue.  Rolf Hill resumed the role of Editor in 2020.