VKA Sprint & Vintage Enduro Event Calendar 2018  (ALL DATES ARE TENTATIVE)

PROMOTERS are encouraged to send event flyers/entry form to KartNumber4@yahoo.com as soon as possible.  PROMOTERS are also reminded to make arrangements for photographer and input to the VKA FirsTurn.

2018 Guidelines 1/22/18 (Note:  Sec. 11, Tier I Demonstrations [Scoring] is being reviewed by the VKA, and may be changed to a CIK Scoring system for 2018)

Dec 12/27 – 30/2017 Vintage Enduro: Daytona, FL (first of the 2018 schedule)

Jan 25 – 27  VKA Sprint Event – Bushnell, FL
Bushnell Flyer/Entry Form 2
Contact:  info@bushnellmotorsportspark.com or call 352-568-0778

Feb 1 – 3  VKA Sprint Event – Riverside, CA
Riverside Flyer/Entry Form
Adams Kart Track, Riverside, CA
Contact:  Louie Figone (event director) Louiemtb@aol.com / 415-297-0374

March 9–11  Vintage Enduro: Savannah (Roebling Rd.), GA

March 15 – 17  VKA Sprint Event – Barnesville, GA
Flyer/Entry Form
12th annual “Vintage Kart Winter Nationals”
26 WKA & IKF Winter National Events were previously held there between 1966 and 1991
Track: Lamar County Raceway, Georgia   Track location – history – layout
Contact: Bob Barthelemy bobb@lhthomson.com

April 26 28 VKA Sprint Event – Fremont, OH
Contact : Scott Benton  440-226-9036
Fremont ENTRY Form
Fremont FLYER

April TBD  Vintage Enduro: Summit Point (Shenandoah)

May 4 & 5  VKA Sprint Event – Chestertown, MD
Chestertown Flyer
Chestertown REGISTRATION (rev)

May TBD Vintage Enduro: MKC MIS AKRA

May 24 26  VKA Sprint Event – Springfield, IL
Springfield Flyer & Entry Form

June TBD Vintage Enduro: Summit Point

June 14 –16  VKA Sprint Event – New Castle, IN
2018 New Castle Entry Form & Schedule
Track Website NCMP
Contact Jeff Brown at invaderjb@gmail.com or 248-613-5839

June TBD Vintage Enduro: Mid-Ohio 

July 5 – 7  VKA Sprint Event – Brodhead, WI
Brodhead FLYER
Brodhead CLASSES
Brodhead LODGING Info

July TBD Vintage Enduro: VIR

July 26 – 28 VKA Sprint Event – Avon, NY (Tier I AND Tier II)

Aug 2 – 4 VKA Sprint Event – Quincy, MO
Quincy FLYER
Quincy Entry Form

Aug 23 – 25 VKA Sprint Event – Camden, OH
Camden Entry Form/Flyer
Camden Schedule

Aug TBD Vintage Enduro Event : Hartland Park, Topeka, KS

Aug TBD Vintage Enduro Event : Summit Point

Sep 1 & 2   R.E.A.R.  The Big One – Fremont, OH
Event Info – at REAR Forum
Event Flyer / Guidelines

Sep 14 & 15 VKA Sprint Event – Oreville, PA
Oreville Entry Form
Oreville Flyer

Sep 20 22  VKA Sprint Event – Delmar, IA
Delmar Schedule

Delmar Entry Form (Will be at track)

Oct 4 6 VKA Sprint Event – Cuddebackville, NY
Cuddy Flyer
Cuddy Classes
Cuddyback Entry Form

Oct 11 – 13  VKA Sprint Event – Bakersfield, CA (Tier II)
Bakersfield Flyer …                          (PENDING)

10/ TBD   NCMMP, Bowling Green

Oct 20 – 21 Vintage Enduro:  Savannah (Roebling Rd.), GA