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Author:  Jeff Campbell [ Sat Sep 26, 2009 6:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Public Forum Rules

General Forum Rules for VKA and non-VKA member use of this public forum (adopted by VKA January 11, 2008)

Only registered users are allowed to post on this forum, this is the only protection available against the Internet spammers and hackers, who on a daily basis, attempt automated posting and registration attacks on this forum, and thousands of other forums on the Internet.

Note: Your USER ID must be your first and last name with a space between, no exceptions, registration requests not following this rule will be deleted. Once deleted, an applicant may re-register correctly.

1. The forum is for the discussion of Vintage Karting and is restricted to the discussion of events, technical exchange, resources, where to acquire parts, sharing of historical information, and karts & parts wanted or for sale.

2. The Vintage Kart Association has set down guidelines for class structures and eligible years. The guidelines are not always followed by the Race Promoters. Discussion of Race Rules is prohibited on the forum and should be directed to the Race Promoter.

3. The discussion of VKA Guidelines or Operation on the forum is prohibited. Any VKA Guideline or Operations questions, concerns, or suggestions should be directed to the VKA Board of Directors.

4. No profanity or foul language.

5. All postings shall be written in the spirit of fellowship and camaraderie. Be polite and respectful if correcting someone’s information.

6. No inappropriate topics

7. The forum is not a vehicle for contacting or communicating with the VKA Board. A Membership Input document is available in the download area of the website for that purpose.

8. Posts contrary to friendly discussion will be removed.

9. The site administrator or moderator, will remove a posting at their discretion if the above rules are violated. The board will review the administrator’s action at the next monthly meeting.

• Note: This is a public forum that requires registering for full access, VKA members are not entitled to any special services or status. All registered users will be administrated the same. Administration actions taken against a registered forum user, do not influence VKA membership status. A VKA member may appeal any forum administrative actions taken against them, to the VKA Board of Directors.

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